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Hotel Uyah (the salt Hotel) is built around the traditonal saltpanning in Amed.
Café Garam, which means Salt Café, is part of Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort, which we have translated as Salt Lodge Amed.
Garam is the Indonesian word– and Uyah the Balinese word for SALT.
Year 2000

Mid 2000 we were sitting in Amed and discussed the tremendous changes in the area due to the growing tourism. More and more salt panning fields were left unused. Since we did not like the idea that the traditional salt production would disappear in the near future we worked out our plan to preserve this tradition for the people of Amed as well as for interested tourists. In order to combine the development of tourism with the traditional lifestyle we decided to build this hotel and café around the salt production fields and use the salt production as our motto.

Traditional Salt Panning

We strive to preserve the traditional salt production by promoting it as point of interest for foreign tourists and explain the production process. We produce the salt during dry season (when production is possible) and store it in our traditional bamboo hut “Gudang Garam”. You can buy this tasty salt in our Café Garam.

traditional sea salt panning in Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort
solar water heater in Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort
Sustainable Development

In order to contribute to a sustainable development in this beautiful part of Bali we are strongly committed to an environmentally friendly implementation of our services and strive for prevention of pollution.  Our Hotel is equipped with solar powered water heating systems, which use the mostly available sun and require no electrical energy for heating.

Since most of our guest request air-conditioned accommodation we have equipped all our bungalows with electrical air conditioners and selected low electricity consuming units for that purpose. For the convenience of our guest we additionally installed electrical ceiling fans to support the air ventilation.

ECO Policy & Concept

We have ECO policy and maintain an environmental management system to reduce the consumption of natural resources and to prevent pollution by waste separation, composting, energy and water – saving installations and programs. We grow fruit and vegetables in our BIO garden. We try to communicate our environmental goals to the local community and our guest in order to be in harmony with this beautiful environment.

chess table at Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort Bali
beach pool at Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort
traditional salt panning in Hotel Uyah Amed & Spa Resort
Come and discover the beauty of Bali, above and under the waterline

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Eco Friendly Hotel in Amed

We have implemented and maintain an environmental management system to preserve nature and strive for sustainable development. Eco Policy & Concept

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